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Christopher de Béthune is a Belgian photographer,
known for taking photos of black and white scenes and landscapes,
in which he finds sadness, comfort, and nostalgia.
His work can be described as both impulsive and cautious.
His photographs have the note of melancholy and solitude,
that represent a constituent of leaving and traveling.
The Japanese cinema culture has a very big influence on Christopher’s work.


Vice: Feature + interview
Bruzz: Interview
L'intervalle: Knights in white satin, Book Feature
L'intervalle: Interview
Stolen Ground Publishing: Feature
Die Nacht Magazine: Portfolio Feature
Die Nacht Magazine: Night Ride, Zines Feature
Japan Camera Hunter: Pale Tales, Zine Feature
Japan Camera Hunter: Night Ride, Zine Feature
Doomed Gallery “Zine of the World”: Zine Selection
Widewalls: Artist Feature
L'intervalle: Skin like winter, Zine Feature
Burn my Eye: Interview
Der Greif: Outland: Artist Feature
Leica Fotography International: Orion, Feature & interview
Leica Fotography International: Salad Days, Feature

Represented by Alice Gallery, Brussels.
Represented by the Daeppen Gallery, Basel. 

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